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Home Buyer's and Seller's Guide to Radon is a publication by the Environmental Protection Agency. Used with permission under public domain and creative commons. Usage: Category Education; License: Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)

On this page: Table of Contents
Why Should I Test for Radon? p.3
a. Radon Has Been Found in Homes All Over the United States p.3
b. EPA and the Surgeon General Recommend
That You Test Your Home p.4
I'm Selling a Home. What Should I Do? p.5
a. If Your Home Has Already Been Tested for Radon p.5
b. If Your Home Has Not Yet Been Tested for Radon p.6
I'm Buying a Home. What Should I Do? p.7
a. If the Home Has Already Been Tested for Radon p.7
b. If the Home Has Not Yet Been Tested for Radon p.8
I'm Buying or Building a New Home.
How Can I Protect My Family? p.9
a. Why Should I Buy a Radon-Resistant Home? p.9
b. What Are Radon-Resistant Features? p.10
How Can I Get Reliable Radon Test Results? p. 11
a. Types of Radon Devices p. 11
b. General Information for All Devices p.12
c. Preventing or Detecting Test Interference p.13 d. Length of Time to Test p.14
e. Doing a Short-Term Test p.15 f. Using Testing Devices Properly for Results p.16
g. Interpreting Radon Test Results p.17
Radon and Smoking p.18
Radon Testing Checklist p.20
What Should I Do If the Radon Level Is High? p.22
a. High Radon Levels Can Be Reduced p.22
b. How to Lower the Radon Level in Your Home p.22
c. Selecting a Radon-Reduction (Mitigation) Contractor p.24
d. What Can a Qualified Radon-Reduction Contractor Do for You p.24
e. Radon in Water p.25
Radon Myths and Facts p.27
EPA402/K-13/002 March 2018 (revised)

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