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On this page: c. Selecting a Radon-Reduction (Mitigation) Contractor

Select a qualified radon-reduction contractor to reduce the radon level in your home. Any mitigation measures taken or system installed in your home must conform to your state's regulations. In states without regulations covering mitigation, EPA recommends that the system conform to ASTM E 2121.

EPA recommends that the mitigation contractor review the radon measurement results before beginning any radon-reduction work.

Test again after the radon mitigation work has been completed to confirm that previous elevated levels have been reduced. EPA recommends that the test be conducted by an independent, qualified radon tester.

d. What Can a Qualified Radon-Reduction Contractor Do for You?

A qualified radon-reduction (mitigation) contractor should be able to: Review testing guidelines and measurement results, and determine if additional measurements are needed; Evaluate the radon problem and provide you with a detailed, written proposal on how radon levels will be lowered; Design a radon-reduction system; Install the system according to EPA recommended standard, or state and local codes; and, Make sure the finished system effectively reduces radon levels to acceptable levels.

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