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outdoor activities: Lake Tahoe
TahoeHighSierra.com is packed full of fun and useful information. Especially popular is this Outdoor Activities Guide. It's an award winning Lake Tahoe outdoor activities guide full of links and contact info for all of Lake Tahoe's outdoor attractions. Find Lake Tahoe skiing, snowboarding, skating, swimming, boating, hiking, biking, camping, beaches, hunting, off-roading, birding, dirt bike riding, MTB, fat tire biking, and more. The list is endless when it comes to Tahoe outdoor fun!

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lodging: Tahoe Reno Mammoth
Browse and book online: Lake Tahoe vacation rentals, condos, hotels, motels, Ski Leases, Long Term Rentals, and Tahoe Timeshares. Lodging near all major attractions around Lake Tahoe, Squaw Valley, Truckee, Reno, Carson City and Mammoth Mountain, including Tahoe and Reno casinos, ski and summer resorts, hotels and motels.

Find a vacation home for your visit to Lake Tahoe from a Tahoe vacation rental business who are experts in the area and offer home rentals throughout North and West Tahoe, from cozy cabins to fancy estates.If Lake Tahoe is your yearly getaway of choice, you can also check out available timeshare rental and resale vacation properties in Lake Tahoe, Mammoth and Palm Springs. This is an exciting destination with great opportunities for fun and relaxation. We loved our visit to Lake Tahoe, and we know you will too!

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outdoor activities: Lake Tahoe
The most popular part of TahoeHighSierra.com is our Shop Tahoe Made-in-Tahoe and Made-for-Tahoe feature! You can find awesome Tahoe related products: gifts and cool stuff like Tahoe mugs that remind you of your taste of Tahoe, Life is Better at The Lake caps and T-shirts, Tahoe treats and other goodies to stock your cabin, Tahoe maps (you can never have enough maps!) coffee, bird feeders, bears, backpacks, and well you just gotta go shop Tahoe.

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casinos: Tahoe Reno

Reviews that help you to choose nightlife and lodging at Tahoe Reno casinos. Browse photos. Compare amenities and perks. Read in-person reviews of the casino resorts at Lake Tahoe, Reno, Sparks and other casino locations in Nevada. Our quick guide to the casinos in the Lake Tahoe and Northern Nevada area provides your overview with maps plus informative customer reviews of our top choices for casino and lodging. You can also plan and book your reservations easily and securely.

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TahoeHighSierra.com is All Lake Tahoe

Here you are in Lake Tahoe! It's the beautiful place where California and Nevada meet in the Tahoe High Sierras, in the middle of that great big Mountain Sea. You may know that the Native American word for Tahoe translates to The Mountain Sea. Many of us Tahoe Lovers simply call it The Lake.

So, welcome to TahoeHighSierra.com. For over 20 years, we have been adding features and information to this Best of Lake Tahoe website. Many call it Lake Tahoe's Favorite, and this website is certainly a Tahoe original. You can find historic archive copies of the original site on The Wayback Machine for Lake Tahoe's HighSierra.com, starting with their first capture from Christmas 1996.

We hope that like many other Lake Tahoe visitors and locals you will make TahoeHighSierra your starting point for finding things to do at Lake Tahoe. Visit our sponsors to find lodging, Made-in-Tahoe products, and your favorite outdoor activities. Thanks for visiting us at Lake Tahoe and beyond!

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